Maurice Estève - L'Oeuvre Gravé - catalogue raisonné - 1929-1986

par Monique Prudhomme-Estève et Hans Moestrup in french

Introduction in french, english and danish by Dora Vallier

The introduction in english "Estève’s prints in the open" on 7 pages

157 pages with all the graphic works illustrated in colours - catalogued in french


With an index of the numbers on 3 pages, repères biographiques on 2 pages, principales expositions des litographies on 1 page, a bibliographie on 9 pages and liste des livres comportant des litographies ou des gravures on 1 page

1500 numbered copies with cover and frontispice printed as original colourlithographs

Price incl. VAT DKR 1.062,00.

Retail DKR 862,50.

ISBN 87-87990-02-4

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