Svavar Gudnason, 1919 - 1988

His graphics works in Helhesten are his only attempts to work with graphics according to Thor Vilhjįlmssons biography from 1992 on Svavar p. 23.

Svavar Gudnason was born on Iceland, lived and worked during Worldwar 2. in Copenhagen.
In reality Svavar Gudnason has himself written, expressed the basic mood which is shown in his art. You can talk about pictures with strong sensation of distance, and the strenght of the colours create a lyrical dramatic excitment. It feels like the conflict between a working intellect and somthinng romantic ecstatic. The result i neither iscold intellectualism or hot romance, but pictures you can look on as paintings. You don't need to put a label on, but please yourself with the values, which reaches us in all fine art through the fredom of the colours and their expression. If you want to put a label on this, what may be necessary to make out the various artistic expressions, it's ofcourse abstract art.



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